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"Secrets of Exciting Chords & Chord Progressions!"


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" Secrets of Exciting Piano Chords & Piano Chord Progressions!"

- Special Issue -

How To Play "Praise & Gospel Worship Piano"

For Worship Teams Or Solo Piano!

(You are the first generation to take advantage of the
technology breakthrough that makes this possible!)

     You open up a piece of sheet music or gospel music hymnbook and begin to play.

     But instead of just playing the notes that are written in the sheet music or book, you suddenly break into tripletized walkups, cascading waterfall runs, chord substitutions, crunches, luscious full-chorded arpeggios, rhythmic variations and fills galore. Gospel music that is exciting! Praise & worship music that sings! Worship piano! Praise piano! Christian music of all kinds -- contemporary, evangelistic, worship, gospel!

     Is this a dream?

     Yes. It is a dream. A dream that can come true.


     Never before in the history of mankind  have we had close-up DVD's. Music DVD videos that teach such things as how to play praise & worship music for piano. And you are the first generation in history that can take advantage of this breakthrough in technology -- think about that!

     Never before have we had the ability to get up close in full color and in real time to actually SEE the workings of the hands and fingers as a master pianist plays arrangements of choruses, praise songs, and hymns -- any type of Christian music or gospel music.

     Does it work?

It works!

Boy does it ever work!

     You SEE and HEAR and UNDERSTAND each technique that is taught, because you have the actual songs I am playing right in front of you. You see the notes as they are written in the song, then you hear me explain how to add chords, fillers, intros, ending, triplets, left-hand bass styles, counter-melodies, echoes, etc. to each song. You understand the reasoning behind it. Then you see me demonstrate it – not once, but over and over, fast and slow and close-up, so you can see which fingers play which notes, and when.

     You hear the sounds I am making, and you understand, maybe for the first time in your life, that your piano playing can change for the better, can improve dramatically. That you can be that exciting piano player you've always wanted to be.

     Imagine that you lived back in some previous century. You would have given anything to be able to access technology like this. The great news is that you live now -- when this technology is available. Take advantage of it!

     For the entire story, please click on http://www.gospelpiano.com/ to go to the web page.

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