"Do It On The Spot:: How To Arrange Songs On The Piano As You Play!"

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"Do It On The Spot:: How To Arrange Songs On The Piano As You Play!"

Do Your Own Thing -- Arrange Songs Right At The Piano -- Instantly!


Dear Fellow Piano Player:

 Have you ever seen a piano player who could play most any piano music style right on the spot? To do that, you have to have a big bag of tricks in your hip pocket, and this course gives you over 72 ways to pull that musical rabbit out of your hat.

     You get 72 arranging techniques that you can apply to almost any song. Each technique is demonstrated two ways: on a printed card so you can see how to do it, and on an audio CD so you can hear how to do it.

     The entire course comes in a big binder with six instructional audio CD's and 72 printed cards -- one style on each card. That way you have all your arranging techniques in one place -- in a concise "deck of cards" (the cards are much larger than playing cards -- actually 8 1/2" by 3 1/2").

     Plus you get a bonus "Summary DVD" at no extra charge so you can see each style in action!

     Each style is taught on the audio CD so you can HEAR it, and also illustrated on a separate 3 1/2" by 8 1/2" style card so you can SEE the exact notes involved. Many of the cards are designed so you can slip them behind the keys on your piano and they will point to the notes you play!

Here are some of the 72 keyboard arranging styles you'll learn...

(like having your own "bag of tricks")

  • Alberti Bass
  • 3-1 Breakups
  • Straddles
  • Country Twang
  • Blue Note Slides
  • Open-Octave Runs
  • Octave-3rds
  • Octave-6ths
  • Tremolos
  • Tremolo-Fired Runs
  • Cascading Waterfall Runs
  • Mandolin Sounds
  • Melodrama Melody
  • Octave-5th Runs
  • Block-Style Melody
  • Locked-Hand Melody
  • Run-Slap (Advanced Runs)
  • Stacked 4th Voicing
  • Walking Bass
  • Kansas City Bass
  • Elephant Walk Bass


  • Offset Arps
  • Music Box & Chimes
  • Tripletizing
  • Drunk Elephant
  • Poly-Tonality
  • Cross-Polinization
  • Rhythmic Pattern Chords
  • Swing Bass
  • Orchestral Pad


Dear Duane,

I love "Do It On The Spot:: How To Arrange Songs On The Piano As You Play!"

      It's great watching you play each style and demonstrate it on the DVD. I listen to the CD's in my car as I drive back and forth to work, and it makes my commute so much faster. Then when I get home I'm anxious to get to the piano and try one of the styles on a song or two.

     Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching. You are a blessing to  us all.

Helen (email)

The Secret Of Arranging Spontaneously at the Piano

     You've seen piano players like that who can make up music as they play. What do they know that you don't know? They know some basic patterns that they use over and over again in different situations. And in this course you'll learn 72 different patterns!  You'll notice in the picture below that the cards have little arrows printed on them. If you will slip a card behind the keys on your keyboard the arrows will point at the keys you will play as you learn that pattern.

     For example on the "Elephant Walk Bass" pattern the 4 arrows point to the exact 4 keys you would play with your left hand -- and it works in any key, So just by sliding the card one way or the other a few keys, you will automatically transpose the pattern to another key!

     Is that cool, or what?

(This is a small illustration of the card -- the actual cards are larger to fit your piano keyboard)

        And you get 72 of these cards, many of which point at the keys (not all, of course, because it's not appropriate for all styles such as tremolo fired runs, polytonality, and so on.)


Do your own thing on the piano

     Once you have this set of 72 cards and the 6 instructional audio CD's you will no longer be limited to playing what someone else has written. You can "do your own thing" on the piano by using all these different styles on your favorite songs. You can use them on popular songs, gospel songs, folk songs -- most any kind of song except classical (obviously).

     So click the order button below and get started arranging songs right at the piano on the fly using these 72 patterns. Later you'll discover that you can combine these patterns with other patterns, giving you an unlimited number of exciting styles to choose from!



KA-1: " Keyboard Arranging: How To Do It On The Spot!" -- 6 instructional audio CD's & 72 cards in a big binder plus a bonus "Summary DVD" -- $197.

Order Now!

P.S. Don't forget that there is a bonus DVD that comes with the course -- in addition to all the audio CD's and the cards -- so you can actually see me demonstrate each style on my grand piano -- and it's close up so you can see my fingers on the keys as I explain and perform each style. Nearly 2 solid hours of detailed instruction -- and you get it as a free bonus when you order this course! (It's not for sale at any price by itself)

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