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  • Sheet music Sheet music is the vehicle that transmits music notation to the eye of the player. The player then translates what is seen to the piano keyboard or other instrument.
  • Play the piano Many people would like to know how to play the piano, but are not prepared for the practice that goes with learning to play the piano.
  • Beethoven piano music Beethoven wrote many great piano music works, as well as orchestral compostions.
  • Grieg piano chords Music of piano music is piano chords broken up in various ways such as arpeggios, runs, and so forth.
  • Musical terms all piano players should know Musical terms such as allegro, presto, largo and so forth are useful to understand.
  • Music composers Hundreds of music composers have left their music compositions for us to enjoy on the piano, violin, and other instruments.
  • Index of song titles Songs are the life blood of human existence. There are thousands and thousands of songs of all types, from folk songs to gospel songs to pop songs to jazz songs to classical songs to country western songs to blues songs, etc.
  • Great musicians Some of the greatest musicians in history are still alive -- men such as Andre Previn come to mind. But Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Chopin, Handel, and many others also.
  • Directory of music articles Music plays such a big role in our everyday life that we all need to learn to at least appreciate music. Even better, to learn to play the piano, violin, guitar, trumpet, sax, trombone, clarinet, drums, oboe, French horn, and many other musical instruments as well as singing.
  • Classical music Classical music is a sub-section of serious music. Most people refer to all serious music as classical, but there is also romantic, baroque, contemporary and impressionist styles.
  • Christian music Christian music played a huge part in Bach's life, as well as in the life of such great musical composers such as Handel.
  • Children's music Children's music played a big part in the musical development of such great composers as Mozart, Chopin, Bartok, and many other musicians as they learned how to play the piano and other musical instruments.







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