"All The Piano Chords In The Whole Wide World"

All the chords in the whole wide world                           


How many piano chords are there?

     Have you ever wondered how many piano chords there are? I'm sure you know many chords, but are there lots more just waiting to be discovered?

     An interesting experiment is to ask people how many chords there are in music. You'll be surprised to find out that most musicians don't do any
better at answering that question than non-musicians.

     Why do you suppose is that?

     It is probably because it sounds like one of those questions such as "How many grains of sand on the seashore are there?", or "How many stars
are there in the sky?"

     And in a sense it is, but in another sense, we can get a fairly accurate sense of chord population just by calculating all the chord types and
then multiplying them by the number of inversions that are possible and the number of octaves that are possible on any given instrument.

     This 2-hour DVD covers all the ways of forming chords. There are only so many ways of combining notes, and this DVD video explores the almost infinite variations a piano player can use to create their own, distinctive chord sounds.

     Along with the DVD you'll get a "picture book of chords" that shows over one thousand chords -- everything from diminished chords to chords with sharp 9ths and flat 7ths, plus 11th and 13th chords -- and then on the DVD Duane shows you how to voice the chords in various ways ("voice" means to position them on the keyboard for certain sounds) and combine certain chords for polytonality. You'll also learn about suspensions, alterations, "slash chords", tone clusters, and more. Having this DVD and book is like having a dictionary -- absolutely necessary!

  • all major chords

  • all minor chords

  • all diminished chords

  • all augmented chords

  • all 6th chords

  • all minor 6th chords

  • all 7th chords

  • all minor 7th chords

  • all 7th with aug 5th chords

  • all 7th with flat 5th chords

  • all minor 7th with flat fifth chords

  • all diminished 7th chords

  • all major 7th chords

  • all major 7th chords with aug 5th

  • all major 7th chords with flat 5th

  • all major 7th chords with flat 3rd and flat 5th

  • all major 7th chords with flat 3rd and sharp 5th

  • all 9th chords with all their variations (flat 5th, maj 7, etc.)

  • all 11th chords

  • all 13th chords

  • and most of all, a complete explanation of ALL chords, so you will UNDERSTAND FOREVER!


    In two hours you will know more about chords than even most musicians know! You'll never again wonder about chords -- the answers are both on the DVD so you can SEE and HEAR all the chords, as well as illustrated in picture form in the book!


"All The Chords In The Whole Wide World"

DVD -- All the chords           

Two-Hour DVD & "Picture Book Of Chords!"
( 48 page spiral-bound book covers all chords in all keys)


All the chords in the whole wide world

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"All The Piano Chords In The Whole Wide World"

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