Real Letters From Real People Who Wrote About Our Music Courses

(We have a big cardboard box that we keep testimonial letters in -- there are hundreds (or maybe over a thousand now) of letters praising our music DVD and CD piano lessons!)
"Your program has really transformed my life--well maybe not my life--but certainly my piano playing." Karen L. (email July 2 007 -- on file)
The testimonial below sounds like a paid ad. I assure you, it is not. It is from a student named Luis in Portugal.
"This IS the ONLY way to go for BEGINNERS. Let me repeat this: This IS the ONLY way to go for beginners. Put this in your head, because I've tried all the courses you can imagine with no success. Why? Because they DON'T teach you to UNDERSTAND what you're playing! The result is: at a certain point (a little bit more advanced point) you simply CAN'T play the song(s) because you have no idea of what you're doing and the Chords, Slash Chords, inversions, etc, become too much and you simply have to STOP and forget piano, because you can't go any further. You HAVE TO KNOW WHAT YOU'RE PLAYING and sometimes READ IT (from very simple "fake" lead sheets that Duane teaches you how to read). Its the only way. Do not repeat my mistake.

If you want to play piano by ear using Chords (wich is very powerful) here's the advice of someone that tried everything: You HAVE to do this course first. When you master this, then go ahead and choose whatever course you like (whatever you wish - theres alot of stuff out there). BUT only Duane can get you started. Period. From this moment, its your choice to choose what course or teacher you want, or stay with Duane for the more advanced courses wich can last 1 to 3 years if you want to become a great piano player. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED."

Luis, Portugal (email Sent: Monday, July 30, 2007 2:38 PM - on file)
"I just finished your "One Year Crash Course in Exciting Piano Playing". The instruction will last a lifetime. Thank you so much for being the greatest teacher alive." Margaret from Cape Cod (e-mail on file)
"Hello, and thanks again for your wonderful set of teaching lessons in the 52 week crash course. I am a Veterinarian who has only limited time to practice and a weekly personal lesson would never work in my busy professional life but your crash course is just simply great. I bought the package a few months ago and I'm taking it slow because I do not have enough time to get a lesson in each week but man have I really learned a lot in a few lessons."
Jerry Magee DVM (email on file)
Dear Duane,

This piano lesson course is phenomenal. In documenting what I've learnt so far, and that's only scratching the surface -- loads more to come, I realize the enormity of its content. I know you covered a lot, but seeing it documented, I'm in awe. Unbeatable and unparalleled is all I can say. Thank you for this terrific course, I didn't think that a home study course could be that good . I would never in my wildest imagination thought this was possible. Thanks for sharing your expertise with us in such detail. You're the best, how could I not say that.

Keep well and God bless.

Lydia (e-mail June 28th, 2008 on file)
Dear Duane,

"Words cannot express my joy at having found you. I'm 63 and have been studying piano on and off all my life - even studying with high-priced teachers. Every single one told me they could not teach me how to play from chords. One expressed it was a gift and that either you have it for you don't.

Well...3 days after receiving your "Naked Music" course, I was able to play from chords. Trying to understand why now at long's because of your way of teaching. You make it soooo simple. First you explain what to do; then you demonstrate it, then you follow up the demonstration by explaining what you did and how the student can apply it to their written music. Beautiful!

Can't tell you how many other books I've bought that left me confused. So I love you, love you, love you. And will buy many other of your courses."
-Donna P., Akron, Ohio (letter, Nov 12, 2003)
Dear Duane,

"I think I may have told you what my husband said when I first started ordering your courses a few years back...he said "Where has Duane been all your life?" I've taken off and on from different teachers and in various situations and he always saw how frustrating it was for me to be unable to get exactly the "right" teacher to explain the "neat stuff" to me. It always seemed a secret kept for only the privileged few. That's for letting me in on many of those fun things to do on the piano."
Renay Goodman, Colorado Jan. 21st letter

Dear Duane,

Duane, I just wanted to take a minute and say thanks to you. I recently purchased your course, "How to dress up naked music". I can't believe the amount I have learned in a few weeks. I look forward to the skills I hope to develop as I continue to practice and play over the coming months (and years). Thanks again!

Rick K., Minnesota (police captain), email May 2, 2007 on file

"I wish I was 10 years old and you were my piano teacher. 20 years ago, I took piano lessons for 3 years. I've learned so very much from you in just 3 months...far more than what I learned in 3 years. You put things together so well. I love the way you throw new content at us. You really are a great teacher. I'm a doubting Thomas and when I read all those testimonials about how good you were, I thought buddy you'll really have to prove it to me. Guess what, I'm convinced, you're a FANTASTIC teacher. Not only do you have the Know How, but you really know how to get your point the sense of humor too." Lydia - (E-mail June 18, 07 - on file)

"When I first received your catalog I thought that your piano lesson courses were expensive. I now have 36 of them and I think they are the best bargain that I have ever bought. I just want to let you know how much I appreciate your superior teaching skills and it is so wonderful to have all of this material at my finger tips. God bless you." Helen from Clatskanie OR (E-mail on file)

"I just finished your "One Year Crash Course in Exciting Piano Playing". The instruction will last a lifetime. Thank you so much for being the reatest teacher alive." Margaret from Cape Cod MA (e-mail on file) ... Thanks, Margaret!

"WOW!!!!!!! I'll bet you heard me all the way to Medford! HOW EXCITING -- Thanks you, thank you -- this piano lesson is so full of wonderful stuff!" Tig from Arizona (e-mail on file) ...Delighted you enjoyed it, Tig!

"I really love your music courses!!!!!!!!! Is it possible to have a link to your websites on my website?" Uffe from Sweden (e-mail on file) ...Sure -- you bet -- anyone else that wants to link to us is more than welcome! Link to:

"You're the best piano teacher I've ever seen. God bless." Glen (e-mail on file) ...Gulp!

"Where have you been all my playing/musical career?" Rene from Colorado
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