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What's the Keyboard Workshop & how will it help me learn music?

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Keyboard Workshop has been around since 1965 researching and discovering thousands of ways to manipulate piano chords and apply them to all sorts of music, from jazz to gospel, from the blues to pop. We work with pianists, music directors, doctors, teachers, and folks from all walks of life to help them experience the excitement of piano playing using piano chord strategies. Our head teacher is considered one of the world's experts on chords, chord formations, chord progressions, chord substitutions, and improvisation based on piano chords.

For years, people have been coming to Keyboard Workshop to learn exciting piano playing techniques and chords galore. Now, the Workshop comes right to you in your own home via video courses and cassette courses. Over 300 piano playing courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced piano players are available at a fraction of the cost of private lessons in a studio or music conservatory. Business people, homemakers, doctors, church piano players, even other piano teachers -- people from all over the world take Keyboard Workshop courses.

Our courses are for adults only -- kids need an in-person teacher to keep them focused!
Styles Galore

Learn in Your Car

No Lesson Hassles

Styles Galore No piano lesson Hassles
Blues, Pop, New Age, R & B, Jazz, Gospel, C & W, Classics, More...

Our CD courses are great for learning while you drive! Save hours of wasted time.

No missed lessons, cancellations, transportation costs, etc.

Play the piano like you've always wanted to!

Free Catalog!
If you would like to see our online catalog of over 300 courses, please go to PlayPianoCatalog.

You will be amazed at the variety of courses you will find in our catalog -- over 300 DVD's, CD's and printed material that reveal the secrets of exciting piano playing! Piano lessons that are really fun while you learn!
Learn by DVD Video!
Our piano lesson DVD video courses are the easiest way to learn, since you can see up close and in slow motion what the hands are doing with the chords! See our piano lessons online catalog for more information.

Most DVD's are between one and two hours long, and most come with coordinated printed material. For those who don't have DVD players, or want to listen in their car as they commute, we have most every course available on CD as well -- but call us at 541-664-7052 and we'll get you all fixed up.
Private Lessons, too!* (see below)
We work with individuals all over the country one-on-one by cassette, solving their individual problems and questions about chords and piano playing.

Duane works with about 100 students all over the country on a private basis in a program called "Pros In Progress". He records a 30 minute lesson on side one of a cassette, and sends it to the student along with books, sheet music, etc. The student listens to the tape each day and plays along with Duane, and when he/she is ready, records the assignment on side two of the tape. Duane listens to the student play, critiques the lesson, then prepares a new lesson based on what he hears.

This is ideal for those people who want to progress at their own pace and not have to worry about getting to a store or studio lesson. Among Duane's private students are scientists, many doctors, several church music directors, as well as homemakers and people who just want to play the piano for their own amazement. The tuition is $100. per month, yet people say they get so much more from his piano lessons than from a "studio lesson" that it is false economy to take lessons from someone who doesn't have the knowledge, experience, and teaching ability that Duane does.

*E-mail Duane and ask for more info about "Pros in Progress." *

*(Sorry -- Due to a heart attack, Duane has had to reduce his work load, and is no longer accepting private students at any price! The only way you can learn from him is through the piano lesson courses listed in our catalog.)

By the way, why not drop by and pay a visit to one of Duane's students, Dr. Clark. His site is   Look for the link to Piano Minded.

Does it Work?
Does it ever! We have hundreds of testimonials from people all over the country rave about our teaching methods. Let us send you their words!

We have a big box of letters from people all over who have written to tell how much they have learned from these courses. We won't send you the box, but we'll send you a sheet so you can see for yourself if you think these courses will help you as much as they have helped many others!
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