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Beethoven's "Fur Elise" -- Using Minor Chords

Playing "Auld Lang Syne" on the Piano


 Playing "Joy To The World" using just 3 chords


     "Joy To The World" by Handel uses just the 8 notes of the diatonic scale descending, and can be played with just the 3 primary chords. It was written in the key of D, but to make it easier to understand, I demonstrate it in the key of C using some simple rhythm.

  Playing "Silent Night" using chord substitutions


      "Silent Night", like many songs, can be harmonized using just 3 chords. But there's no limit to the number of chords that could be used -- it is only limited to your imagination.

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  •   How to play a jazz waltz using "frozen fingers"
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  •   How many chords are there, anyway?
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  •   Three chords you absolutely, positively have to know!
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  •   Walkthrough on "Power Piano Chords"
      Watch this screen capture video on this great downloadable course in chords.

  •   Minor piano chords Video
      I love minor chords because there are so many things you can do with them.

  •   Major piano chords Video
      Formed from major scales, major chords form the basis for about 85% of all songs.

  •   Keyboard Chord Finder Walkthrough
      Here's a great piece of software you can keep on your computer desktop to find any chord.

  •   Three different ways to play the piano
      Most people think there is only one way, but there are actually 3 basic methods.

  •   More reasons why everyone should learn to play chord piano
      Chord-style piano is perfect for people who already read music, and imperative for beginners.

  •   The "Walk On Up" chord progression
      One of the most-used chord progressions of all, based on the Circle of Keys.

  •   The "IV of the IV Chord" chord progression
      Want a bluesy sound? Then learn this progression.

  •   The "Half-Step Slide" chord substitution
      One of the 3 best methods of chord substitution.

  •   The "Minor 7th a 4th Below" chord substitution
      Any time you have a 7th chord and the melody will permit, you can use this chord sub.

  •   The "Into what other chord will this note fit?" chord substitution
      This technique will provide fresh chord sounds for a lifetime.

  •   The Blues Scale & how to use it
      Knowing how to create "blue notes" often separates the men from the boys.

And more to come -- stay tuned!

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